In November 2008, The Roodt Partnership was appointed by Mrs. Terblanche to design a holiday house in Hersham. Although the stand is close to the sea, the views are limited due to existing houses between itself and the sea, mountain and river. There is a height restriction of 8,5m. The client had very specific requirements regarding the accommodation list and project costs.


The house consists of two units that could be used as one house or as separate entities. The main unit consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room and patio. The 2nd unit is an open plan bachelor type unit, as our client expressed the need to entertain extended family and friends at times.


The main house is situated on the first floor, making the most of the available views and to allow as much natural light as possible in. The vast amount of windows and light give the house a spacious and warm feeling. The house is orientated north – south with an enclosed patio on the eastern side, with an open patio on the southern side.  Glass bricks cast into the concrete floor slabs and roof lights, allow for additional light in some of the rooms.


Materials used include slate tiles, porcelain tiles, natural mosaic tiles, stainless steel, laminated wood flooring, black powder coated aluminium, glass, plaster and paint. Neutral earth colours were used with bold contrast in red and green. In its most honest form, the house is in essence a modern structure where ‘form follows function’.