The client required alterations and additions to an existing granny flat at the back of his property.  The initial idea was to convert the existing into a bachelor unit for the owner.


The existing granny flat consisted of small rooms with very little natural light and the floor level varied as the kitchen had a suspended wooden floor. 

The main idea was to create a living area that would be flooded with natural light and a more spacious, open plan feeling.  An opportunity, was the fact that the granny flat was situated next to the swimming pool.  We thus tried to make the living room open up to the pool by dragging the living room closer to the pool and opening it up completely.


To achieve the flow of natural light and more volume within the space, we removed a part of the existing roof and used a monopitch roof at a higher level, instead.


The interior of the space was enhanced by the exposed roof trusses and continuous strip of windows, allowing natural light to flood the room from above.  These windows can also open to allow ventilation. 


Sandstone and slate were used on a limited scale as cladding.  All the rooms in the interior are painted white and tiled with black slate. 

Outside, the house is enveloped by a short steel canopy covering a seating area.