The National Women's Memorial, Bloemfontein, the first monument in the world dedicated to women and children, forms part of the 'Ideas 100 Development Plan'. The 16th of December 2013 marks the Centenary Anniversary Celebration of the unveiling that took place on 16 December 1913.


The ideals of former President M.T. Steyn and the inspirational Emily Hobhouse were being commemorated. The festival aimed to establish a consciousness of the monument and participation by various communities. The 2013 Celebrations aimed to bring people together and reflect, learn and celebrate the theme of woman- and child survival and renewed hope.


As architects, we were requested to prepare a multi-phase proposal that would establish the National Women’s Memorial as an iconic and living heritage site, a reference- and tourism destination and to create a legacy that could be shared by posterity.


On completion, the complex will comprise an amphitheatre, garden of remembrance, meditation hill, large-scale exhibition and an informal commercial space.



5 -10 years